Written by two individuals who have a deep affinity for the Kingdom and have travelled to Bhutan for over thirty times collectively.

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ISBN: 978-981-18-8724-6
No. of pages: 296

Khamsum Yulley by Derek Low

Discover breathtaking Bhutan through the eyes of travellers who have visited the Land of Thunder Dragon.

  • list Updated Bhutan Tourism Policy 2023
  • list Exclusive first-hand experiences sharing by 8 diverse travellers
  • list Bhutanese cuisine, culture and identity
  • list Top attractions in Bhutan
  • list Most popular trekking routes
  • list Travel tips to Bhutan
  • list Dos and Dont's in Bhutan
  • list Basic conversational phrases in Dzongkha
  • list And many more
"If you ever seek to find answers to some of the fundamental questions in life, please know that there is a country somewhere in the Himalayas that could offer you the answers."

- Foreword by His Excellency Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering
Honorable Prime Minister of Bhutan

PM Dr Lotay Tshering

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